VedaMagik Herbal Hair Oil


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  • Nourishes and Strengthens hairs to prevent hair fall.
  • Invigorates hair growth and revitalize.
  • Gives the follicles and roots all the essential nutrients.
  • Helpful to relieve from fatigue, tiredness and stress.
  • Reduces scalp inflammation.
  • Helps to protect your hair from dryness and split ends.
  • Excellent for treating dandruff and hair damage.


Herbal Oil is made of Mother Nature’s finest herbs. It nourishes and strengthens hair to prevent hair fall. Veda Magik™ herbal oil is invigorating hair growth and revitalizing by giving the follicles and roots all the essential nutrients.

Veda Magik™ herbal oil is helpful to relieve from fatigue, tiredness, stress and sleeplessness when applied regularly.


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Til Oil, Cyclopentasiloxane (cyclomethicon), Coconut Oil, Suraj Mukhi Oil, Bhringraj (eclipta Alba), Liqued Light Praphin, Jojoba Oil, Curry Leaf Oil, Neelinee Oil, Lavender Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Motha Oil, Carrot Oil, Perfume, Brahmi Oil, Katphala, Badar Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Dhatura Oil, Rosewood Oil, Rose Mery Oil, Almond Oil, Rose Hip, Chamomile Oil, Trifle Oil, Clove Oil, BHT, TBHQ.

Direction for use

A Gentle Massage for 5-10 minutes is Recommenced on scalp and Hair for Better Results.


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