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Hair Dye Shampoo

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  • Regular gently massage to the scalp
  • Nourishes the roots
  • leaves you with healthy
  • Dark shining hair


Water, Propylene, Glycol, Morinda Citrifolia Fruit Juice (Noni), Panax Ginseng Root Extract (Ginseng), Polygonum Multiflorum, Knotweed Root (Plant), Olive Oil, ErucamidopropyI Hydroxy Sultane, Triderth-7Cardboxylic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide (H202) ParaphenyIenediamine and Fragrance.

Step to follows

  • Wet your hair and wear a pair of gloves
  • Cut and squeeze all the shampoo into a small container and mix it evenly.
  • Apply on hair and massage for 10-15 minutes and leave for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with clean water.

The product has low allergic rate, so please do an allergy test by applying some dye on the tip on the tip of the ear. If there is an allergy. red rashes will appear within 24hrs.


  • For External Use Only. Avoid contact with eyes.
  • If contact occurs flush with fresh water.

Contain No. of Packet : 10 sachet.

Additional information

Dimensions140 × 140 × 210 mm

30×10 = 300ml


Black, Brown, Burgundy