Kids Gummy – Multivitamin & Minerals


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  • Supports healthy vision teeth and skin.
  • Supports growth & development of the nervous system.
  • Intestine and red blood cells.
  • Keeps nerves red blood cell healthy.
  • Supports healthy teeth gums and the body’s healing process.


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The reality, kids are growing at lightning speed both mentally and physically. To fuel their growth, everyone needs proper nutrition and regular exercise. This may lead to future health issues, nourishment deficiencies and inactivity if proper vitamins are not given to children for growth. Vitamins are a complex group of organic compounds that are required in small quantities for regulation of various body activities which are essential for well being. Since most of them cannot be synthesized in the body so each one must be a part of our daily diet. Many of kids do not have balanced diet on a regular basis. Modern lifestyle has further added to the irregular habit of diet. e.g. Junk foods, irregular timing of meals, incomplete quantity and quality of diet, etc. All this leads to under nutrition or unbalanced diet.

These Vita Fusion Gummy’s are enriched with many type of vitamins that severs as nutritional support; These VitaFusion gummy’s are manufactured by pectin, citric acid, sugar and are 100% vegetarian. VitaFusion Gummy’s having different flavors as lemon, cherry, strawberry, orange, berry, green apple etc. are offered to have increased acceptance for children. Parents are advised to give 2 VitaFusion Gummy’s per day for children above 2 years for their growth.