Fast Hair Thickening Fibers


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Hair Building Fiber Powder is made of natural organic  protein, which is used to cover the baldness for both man and woman. It can help you make the baldness disappear in seconds for you just sprinkle the fibers on the thinning hair. Due to the fibers are charged with static electricity so that they can attached to your hair and makes the hair

look thicker. There is no doubt that you will become more confident and look younger after you use our Hair Building Fiber Powder.

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Product Name Hair Building Fiber Powder
Colors black color
Weight 25g
Gender for man and women
Delivery Time 2-5 days.

 Why choose us?

  1. Safe,It does no harm to human. For the raw material is natural botanic fibers.
  2. It is with strong adhesive force for hair .
  3. It won block pores.
  4. Its color doesn fade away.
  5. It is good smell.
  6. It gives you the most natural effect.
  7. It is easy to apply and remove.

Additional information

Dimensions 50 x 50 x 210 mm